National Archive of Scotland

The above archive was an important source of information about the Herring Trade. The following list shows the archival material access, listed in ascending reference number order. The Inspection Reports are printed documents. All the other entries are archives of correspondence.

Archive Entries
AF18-490 1910 Inspection Report
AF18-492 1912 Inspection Report
AF18-493 1913 Inspection Report
AF18-494 1925 Inspection Report
AF18-495 1927 Inspection Report
AF62-333 13.9.9-25.11.9
AF62-334 14.2.10-11.7.10
AF62-335 23.6.10-12.10.10
AF62-336 10.10.10-29.11.10
AF62-337-1 10.11.10-20.3.11
AF62-338 12.4.11-19.4.11
AF62-341 7.12.11-5.3.12
AF62-342 6.3.12-21.1.13
AF62-343 16.1.13-9.12.13
AF62-344 13.12.13-30.6.14
AF62-345 3.7.14-31.7.14
AF62-1382-1 1925 Visit
AF62-1382-5 1931-1932
AF62-4087 1931-32 Visit
AF62-4089 1909 Inspection Report