The Fishery Board, the Fishcurers and the German Merchants 1809-1881

Wick Harbour This part of the website deals with the early development of the market, and the way in which the Fishery Board, with the active co-operation of German merchants, twice fought off ideologically motivated attempts to abolish the herring brand. The information which was provided by the German merchants provides an insight into how the trade operated on the Continent, and how they interacted with the Scottish fishcurers. Both attempts to abolish the brand were unsuccessful. The Secretary to the Board, Bouverie Francis Primrose, was influential on both occasions. Prior to the first attempt, he ensured that a letter written by Alexander Wellmann, a Stettin merchant, was published in the board's annual report, and he was able to rely on the support of James Methuen, a powerful and influential fishcurer. At the time of the second attempt, he was able to enlist the support of William Reid, a Scot who had established himself as a herring merchant in Stettin.