National Archives, Kew

The National Archives did not contain very much information of relevance to the topic, with the exception of a few consular reports.

Archive Entries
Reference Description Date
HO 334/260/100 Declaration of British Nationality Certificate: William Reid. From Prussia. Resident in Stettin. Certificate H100 issued 10 May 1872. 1872
FO 64/1129 Consuls at Dusseldorf, Konigsberg, Stettin. Mulvany, Stigand, Hazen, Hunt, Reid, Cavendish. Vice-Consul at Stettin. Reid. Consular and Commercial. 1886
FO 64/946 Consuls at Stettin. Blackwell, Reid, Stevens. Vice-Consuls at Breslau, Cuxhaven, Dantzig, Lubeck, Memel. Humber, Von der Meden, Baum, Behncke Richter. 1879
FO 64/1015 Consuls at Bremen, Konigsberg, Stettin. Stokes, Hertslet, Stevens, Reid, Nicol, Dundas. Political Commercial. 1882
FO 64/1088 Consuls General at Berlin, Frankfurt. Bleichroder, Oppenheimer, Goldbeck. Consuls at Dusseldorf, Konigsberg, Stettin. Mulvany, Hertslet, Hagen, Duplessis, Stigand, Dundas, Reid, Cavendish, Nicol. Vice-Consul at Memel. Pietsch. Political Consular Commercial and Treaty. 1885
FO 64/837 Consuls General at Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stettin: Crowe, Broadbent, Bleichröder, Kuchen, Blackwell, Reid, Political, Consular and Commercial. 1875
FO64/1195 Consuls General at Frankfurt, Hamburg. Oppenheimer, Goldbeck, Dundas, Pogson. Consuls at - Dusselfdorf, Konigsberg, Stettin. Mulvany, Hunt, Powell, Reid. Vice-Consul at Berlin. Bleichroder. Secretaries to. Mr. French, Mr. Lister, Sir C. Domville. Diplomatic Consular Commercial Treaty. 1888
FO 368/46/18 Folios 51-53. Scotch herring import trade: Transmits copy of a memorandum on the subject which has been addressed to Sir Henry Austin Lee, of H M Embassy in Paris. From Consul General John Picton Bagge, Odessa, sent 28 September 1906. Code 138 [Russia], file 33115, paper 33115. 1906